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Spend Your Active Holiday at the Freudensee in Hauzenberg

The hotel Seehof at the Freudensee is the perfect starting point for any sportive and cultural activities in the Bavarian Forest. Discover the idyllic vicinity and beauty of nature by bicycle, by foot, or on the back of a horse. Conquer new physical challenges and visit nearby cities and countries.

Experience the recreational, active holidays of your dreams!

Here are some of the recreational activities that we offer. Feel free to contact us with any further questions.

Activities at the Hotel Seehof:

  • Rowing (the hotel's own rowing boats can be borrowed for free)
  • Swimming in the Freudensee
  • Table tennis
  • (Beach-) Volleyball
  • Fishing
  • Biking
  • Mountainbiking
  • Running / Cross-country running / Nordic Walking
  • The Freudensee lies in the center of 11 themed hiking paths
  • Sledding
  • Hike to the watch tower Oberfrauenwald
  • Wellness



Pure Nature - Hiking in the Bavarian Forest

Experience the the idyllic nature of the Bavarian Forest und discover the numerous hiking trails in the vicinity of our hotel. Follow murmuring rivers, climb mountains or just walk through the forests and meadows. The location of our hotel caters to every taste and allows you to enjoy a beautiful holiday as a family with kids or just as a couple.

The Bavarian Forest - A Hiker's Paradise!

Hiking maps and Nordic walking poles can be borrowed at our front desk. If you need any further information and/or would like to order a sack lunch, please contact us. 

Suggestions for Your Perfect Hiking Adventures:

In Hauzenberg:

  • 11 themed hiking paths; 5 of which run just next to the hotel
  • Route around the Freudensee
  • Sensual hiking path
  • River hiking path
  • Spa track
  • Nature trail
  • Graphite trail
  • Granite-adventure trail
  • Panoramic trail
  • Staffelberg: Hauzenberg's beautiful hill with numerous hiking paths.

In the Sorrounding Area

  • Buchberger Leite, Freyung
  • Saußbachklamm, Waldkirchen
  • Hiking trails in the Erlautal
  • Hiking trails in the Ilztal
  • Hiking trail Kellberg-Thyrnau
  • Danubian hill trail
  • Canopy pathway
  • Hiking paths in the national park Bavarian Forest
  • Arber: Hill in the Bavarian Forest with official hiking paths
  • Lusen: Hill in the Bavarian Forest with official hiking paths
  • Geißkopf: Hill in the Bavarian Forest with official hiking paths (summer and winter)
  • Dreisessel: Hill in the Bavarian Forest with official hiking paths
  • Quality hiking trail Goldsteig (Germany's longest and most varied long-distance trail)

And much more!




Some Destinations in the Area:

  • Visit the granite museum in Hauzenberg
  • Visit the adventure mine in Kropfmühl (Hauzenberg)
  • Excursion to Passau (app. 20 km) : e.g. three-river boat ride, Veste Oberhaus, Kloster Mariahilf, visit the cathedral (organ concert), Höllgasse ("Artists' Quarter"), roman fort Boiotro, etc.
  • Climbing forest in Waldkirchen
  • Excursion to Salzburg (145 km)
  • Make a boat trip to Linz (Return journey via Bus to Passau)
  • Excursion to Wien (230 km )
  • Visit the Czech Republic with a travel agency: Registration at the tourist office in Hauzenberg
    Example: Discover Krumau, a historical city at the Moldau
  • Bath triangle with thermal baths: Füssing - Griesbach - Birnbach
  • Glass factories in Bodenmais, Zwiesel, Frauenau, and Spiegelau
  • Visit the national park (animal enclosures)
  • Visit the liquor museum in Jahrdorf
  • Visit the weaving museum in Breitenberg
  • Experience the treetop path in Neuschönau
  • Go canoeing in the Bavarian Forest and see "Bavarian Canada"



Golf courses in the Bavarian Forest:

Golf rund um Hauzenberg

There are two excellent golf courses closes to the Seehof (Raßbach and Waldkirchen/Reuthmühle, both are about 9 km away)

Another great, well-tended golf course is located in Poppenreut/Jandelsbrunn (15km away) .


Bicycle Tours in the Bavarian Forest

Discover the beauty of the Bavarian independently - by bike. Around the hotel, there are numerous exciting bicycle tours to be found. The difference in length and difficulty of the trails caters to everbody's needs. Biking along the Danube is a popular activity as well.


Skiing / Snowboarding in the Bavarian Forest

There are many exciting skiing areas close to our hotel. All of them offer perfect slopes and cross-country skiing trails for beginners and advanced skiers. Visit our sauna or our whirl pool to relax after a long day on the slopes and enjoy a massage in our spa.

If you want to rent skis or take a course, you can find a Ski rental/school close to our hotel.

  • Geiersberg ( 10 minutes)
  • Hochficht (30 minutes)
  • Oberfrauenwald (14 minutes)
  • Langlaufzentrum Jägerbild (10 minutes)
  • Geißkopf (1 hour)

Sporting Opportunities in the area:

  • Horseback riding 
  • Tennis
  • Golf 
  • Hiking
  • Nordic walking
  • Adventure indoor pools in Waldkirchen und Passau
  • High rope course
  • Mountainbike-trails in every difficulty around Hauzenberg
  • Bikepark Bischofsmais (Geißkopf)
  • Skiing/Snowboarding